Monday, February 2, 2015

Making Finger Sandwiches!

I've always wanted to make these mini finger sandwiches. Aren't they cute? I actually got the idea from  that video that Bethany Mota did last year in her Mother's day video, but I changed it up a little bit.
I'm writing this while on my couch watching the Super Bowl (not very excited lol) and I just split this plate of sandwiches with my Dad. My Dad and I give theses an A!
I made them 2 different ways: one with meat and one without meat.

Here's the recipe! I'm telling you these are so good you have to try them!

-Hummus (I used regular)
-Cucumbers (VERY thinly sliced)
-Any type of meat (I didn't have the meat ones, but my dad liked them)

-Take a cookie cutter and make holes in slices of bread. I made 8 because I was making 4 of these mini sandwiches. (Small party!)
-Toast over a pan with a small bit of butter and flip the bread every few minutes or so. I think bread is so much better toasted, and it goes really well with the cool cucumber.
-Spread a thin layer of hummus over the slices of toasted bread. The hummus I used id from Trader Joe's.
-Now you can be creative and put whatever else you want in the middle. I did lots of very thin slices of cucumber, but you could but some meat in, or even a round slice of cheese! Then they'd be like mini grilled cheeses! But lately cheese as been giving me a stomach ache:( So I thought, better not.
-Add some pepper if you want! Then serve!

-I thought of another idea! Follow this recipe and you could put that in the sandwiches instead!

This would be a really good appetizer or even just a treat for yourself depending on how many you make!

Question: What's your favorite food? Answer in the comments!
Answer: Sushi!!

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