Saturday, January 31, 2015

Online Stores For Teens

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven't been posting enough, schools been both busy and annoying this week and I haven't had much time to make a post:( also my camera hasn't been liking me lately so I'll have to get that fixed real soon.
Anyway, I'm always online shopping. After a long day at school I can just mindlessly scroll through hundreds of clothes that I imagine myself wearing. But it's not always that easy. For example, some clothing is really expensive, they don't always have my size, and who wants to wait at least a week to get these things?
You might want to check out this funny video I posted about the reality online shopping:
So hopefully help these problems we must face, (lol) I came up with my favorite online stores that have pretty good deals for the quality of their clothing....and the ones that I still like but are so expensive that it's annoying...

Cool Clothes with Good Deals

Forever 21
H&M (= Where I buy everything)
Urban Outfitters-SALE ROOM
Cotton On
Brandy Melville- omg everything is so soft lol
Aeropostale (Bethany Mota's Collection, anyone?!??) they have so many 50% off sales!
Shoedazzles- I'm a vip member (..well excuse me!) so I get so many store credits and a lot of times I get free shoes. Like legit shoes for 0.00. the last pair I ordered I got for 6.00 by saving up store credits:)

Cool Clothes But Expensive 
(btw I'm not bashing these stores because I absolutely love these stores and they are some of my favorites but they're quite expensive and you could probably find similar items at h&m or forever 21 for much less $$)

Free People- I love this store though...I want to work there!
Garage (well depends)

So if you are bored go check out some of these sites! 
Or watch my recent video!

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