Saturday, January 31, 2015

Online Stores For Teens

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven't been posting enough, schools been both busy and annoying this week and I haven't had much time to make a post:( also my camera hasn't been liking me lately so I'll have to get that fixed real soon.
Anyway, I'm always online shopping. After a long day at school I can just mindlessly scroll through hundreds of clothes that I imagine myself wearing. But it's not always that easy. For example, some clothing is really expensive, they don't always have my size, and who wants to wait at least a week to get these things?
You might want to check out this funny video I posted about the reality online shopping:
So hopefully help these problems we must face, (lol) I came up with my favorite online stores that have pretty good deals for the quality of their clothing....and the ones that I still like but are so expensive that it's annoying...

Cool Clothes with Good Deals

Forever 21
H&M (= Where I buy everything)
Urban Outfitters-SALE ROOM
Cotton On
Brandy Melville- omg everything is so soft lol
Aeropostale (Bethany Mota's Collection, anyone?!??) they have so many 50% off sales!
Shoedazzles- I'm a vip member (..well excuse me!) so I get so many store credits and a lot of times I get free shoes. Like legit shoes for 0.00. the last pair I ordered I got for 6.00 by saving up store credits:)

Cool Clothes But Expensive 
(btw I'm not bashing these stores because I absolutely love these stores and they are some of my favorites but they're quite expensive and you could probably find similar items at h&m or forever 21 for much less $$)

Free People- I love this store though...I want to work there!
Garage (well depends)

So if you are bored go check out some of these sites! 
Or watch my recent video!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Why People Might Make Blogs And Why I Made My Own

Why People Might Make Blogs:
They might:
     -be a good typer
     -be a good writer
     -Have a lot of knowledge on all different topics that they want to share

Why I am (somewhat) none of those things but I still have a blog:
     -I'm not very fast at typing because I have a purple keyboard cover on my laptop and I frequently fail to press one letter hard enough so I end up typing "ad" instead of "and" (probably happened already at least somewhere on my blog already)
    -Even though I'm in English Honors I still think my writing could be a lot better. For example, one of my teachers said that a one-sentence conclusion isn't acceptable. (IT WAS A GOOD SENTENCE AND IT HAD COMMAS OKAY)
   -I'm 15 going on 16 so I'm not super knowledgeable on all different topics. I mean I know how to make a pie and all these cool diy projects but ask me a basic Chemistry question and I'll answer saying something like, "Idk but I got my ion you..." (sorry I had to do that)

Why I really made a blog
       - I wanted to. Ok, this one is pretty lame. But I'd never been on Blogger before and I wanted to see what it was all about!
        - I've started to figure out what I'm interested in and what I'm not interested in (music, fashion, & anything creative = yes / team sports, rap music, mean people, *and other things I can't think of right now* = no)
      -A book that I read called "Girl Online" by Zoe Sugg (aka "Zoella" on Youtube) I bought the book thinking It was going to be all about her Youtube career and since I also have a channel I wanted to learn about that. But this book is actually a story about a girl with an online blog and she has a lot of ups and downs in her life and...(I have not finished it yet oops:p) Anyway I thought it was cool how she had this blog and it was basically her diary that she put online about all different topics. That got me thinking..."that sounds like fun!" So I looked at Zoella's blog (not in the story the one in real life) and I was like "okay, I'm doing this."
      - I just have so much to say that I can't contain it. Actually no. I mean, yes but no. In real life, I'm really shy. Like real shy. People even ask me why I'm shy sometimes. (like why are you asking??) But since I'm shy it's kinda hard to just start talking to a random person that I don't know. And currently, I don't know a ton of people who want me to verbally explain to them how to make avocado toast (one of my posts) So I'll blog about what I want to say when I don't want to directly talk to someone. Problem solved.
      -Youtube. I just said I was shy...but not on youtube! Besides home and with my best friends, Youtube is one of the few places where I can be myself and really not care what others think because the people that are led to my channel are usually young girls with the same interest as me. I love making youtube videos and being there for people (even if its through a computer screen) that I thought it would be a good idea to expand and have my own blog.
       - And last but not least, I don't know. I feel like a lot of people say this, but I really mean this--I'm not making this blog to get thousands of followers or commenters or to become popular. I realized that a few minutes after my first blog post. Looking at the layout that I had spend a lot of time on with my name on the front and my youtube videos at the sidebar made me feel proud of myself. I just like putting my thoughts out there and thinking that just maybe someone from the other side of the world is looking at my blog and either a.) got help from this and had their problem solved b.) laughed or became happier or c.) got their mind off something stressful while they were reading my blog.

So there you go. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!
The one rule --- do not say anything hurtful in the comments towards me or any other person who comments on this blog. Thanksxx
Hope you have a great day and hope to hear from you! <3

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to Get Longer Eyelashes

There have been so many times where I've seen other people's eyelashes and I'm thinking, "How could they actually be that long...Or do they spend 20 minutes putting on mascara every morning?" I don't know, maybe some people just have long eyelashes. Since I have blonde hair, my eyelashes are not very dark without mascara. They're not blonde, they just do not look as long than if they were darker
I love the look of long eyelashes and that's probably one of my favorite parts of doing my makeup. Actually, there was this one day at school when I forgot to wear mascara (ok I was really tired that morning!) and I didn't realize it until lunchtime. I always wear makeup to school but it's always very natural. On that day when I forgot to wear mascara, I didn't feel any different, no one noticed, and it was only a little surprise to me when I looked into the mirror and just saw thin eyeliner on my upper eyelid. That made me think that makeup isn't supposed to be used to mask yourself, it's used to bring out your best features. And not to mention, it's really fun! You shouldn't need to wear a full face of makeup to feel pretty. I've realized that if I skip on mascara for a day, my favorite makeup item, it doesn't really matter because no one will even notice.
...okay, but I think we all can agree that really long eyelashes are cool:)
One day I was just doing some experimenting and I figured out some tips to make you eyelashes longer. Now, you don't have to worry about fake eyelashes falling off (hehe) or spending money on eyelash extensions. Here are some tips on how to apply mascara the right way as well as some of my favorite mascaras.
  • Make sure all of you mascara from the day before is off or else it will clump at the bottom. Coconut oil is a really good makeup remover.
  • Use a very light layer of Vaseline on a q-tip and put it on your lashes as if you were applying mascara. After you do that you will already see a difference.
  • Use a clean eyelash curler and curl your lashes holding it down for 5-10 seconds. (No more than 10 seconds!)
  • Now use your mascara. First start putting on the mascara going in the opposite direction of your lashes (to the direction your nose) Next, slightly tilt your head up and make sure the lashes are going straight up and not to the side going away from your nose. I like to make sure the inner lashes get mascara because a lot of times we just focus on the longer lashes on the outer side. 
  • Repeat on the other eye
  • Optional: Doing another light layer will make your eyelashes pretty thick. But do not do a heavy layer because that might make them clump
  • Once they have dried, you can take one of those eyelash/eyebrow spoolies and kinda comb through to make sure they're all going in the same direction. There you go!
Tip: The less eyeliner you use, the more your eyelashes will stand out. If you wear a thick black winged eyeliner, it will be hard to see your long lashes unless you're like 5 inches away from a mirror.
Also, using a light eyeshadow such as white, light brown, or pale pink will make your long lashes stand out more.

Lastly, here are some of my favorite mascaras that I've tried, in no particular order:

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara.  The wand curves out at the sides so the lashes at the side gets really long. They're only about 5-6 dollars

This one is probably my favorite on the list. It makes your outer lashes super long! I'd definitely buy it again the next time I'm looking for mascara. I bought it for $7. Its even better than some of the more expensive mascaras that I've gotten in the past.
About a year ago there was this event at Ulta where you could get your makeup done with all Smashbox products and then have a "photoshoot" (it was really just headshots) They used this mascara on me and it doesn't make any clumps at all. I got it for about $20.
This one is the most expensive and probably one of the top rated mascaras out there.  It is really great but I could pay much less for another mascara that could do pretty much the same. If you want it, go for it and you'll have really long lashes but you really don't need to pay that much. I got it for 23 dollars

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Here's some toast

With avocado
It was really good.

So I was reading a Food Network magazine when I came across a big picture of a slice of toast with avocado spread on top of it. I've also seen it on Instagram on those healthy food accounts but I never had a chance to make it. It looks simple, right? Its just avocado with toast. No...(besides the fact that theres also lemon juice and some other seasonings,) its really good. I mean really good. I'm not just saying that to make this look like a good blog post, I just ate this and I kinda/sort of/maybe/ really want another one:) Finally, I had all the ingredients in my house so made it. 

If you're not going to make this, (which is not the best idea) then I guess you can just imagine what this tastes like:
Warm, crunchy toast with and a cool creamy avocado spread with a hint of spice and a kick of sea salt here and there. (yikes)

But if you are going to make this, (which is the better idea) Then here is the recipe!

1 Slice of bread, toasted
1/2 Avocado (I used 1/2 because I think a full avocado would be too much)
Juice of 1/4-1/2 of a lemon 
Trader Joes Everyday Seasoning OR salt and pepper
Sea Salt
Red pepper flakes (Just a little bit!)

What to do:
While the bread is in the toaster, mash up the 1/2 avocado and add the lemon juice, the Trader Joes Everyday Seasoning/ Salt and Pepper, red pepper flakes and mix. Spread on top of the toast and top with sea salt. Thats it! 

This is a great idea for a quick breakfast or snack when you need some energy because it has protein and it is very healthy so it will keep you full for a long time. Definitely recommend this recipe! Let me know if you make it!

Here's the article where i got this idea:
Here's an article about this recipe:

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Welcome to my blog! I'm Kim:)

So this is going to be my first blog post!(...obviously)
I'm a 15 year old girl and I love fashion and makeup, so that's what this blog is going to be all about! (and you might see some recipes here and there!)  I'm going to try to post about 2x a week, but I'm not making any promises here. Basically my schedule is called, "If I have something to write about, I'll make a post."
But don't worry, I'm not going to be posting everyday for a week and then just post once a year. This is something I'm really interested in doing and I already have some experience with stuff like this. The thing that made we want to make this blog was my Youtube channel! I've only had it for 4 months now, but it's probably one of my favorite things to do. I can just post whatever kind of video I want and really just be myself. I'll insert my videos into this blog as well as write about any other topics.
Since this is my first post I'm pretty clueless about Blogger. I'll learn!
I'll do another post soon. Lastly, here are ways to contact me if you wan to email me questions, go on my youtube channel, or follow me on Instagram!
My email is - you can email me questions!
My youtube channel is KimsStyle99- Leave a comment saying that this blog sent you!
And my Instagram is @_kimsstyle99- I have an Instagram but not a Twitter!

<3 Hope you're having a good day! Hope to hear from you! <3

P.S: Since this post might have been a little boring, I hope you laugh when you watch this video I posted yesterday: Thoughts while online shopping.