Here are some questions that I get asked often. If you want to see your question here email me at kimberlyann1599@gmail.com! The questions can literally be about anything. I'll be adding onto this list over time:

-How old are you?

I'm 16, and my birthday is April 20, 1999

-How do you make your YouTube thumbnails?

I use a blank template that I downloaded from the internet and I copy and paste pictures/screenshots onto there (and sometimes removing the background of the photos,) then I go to www.picmonkey.com to add text and special effects until I think it looks cool.:)

-Where do you live?

Umm, Earth.    :)

-What is the significance of your blog name?

Kimberly is my first name (but most people call me Kim) and Ann is my middle name. (and also my mom's name!)

-When did you start your YouTube Channel?

September 14, 2014

-Is your hair naturally blonde?


-What camera do you use?

-Canon EOS 70D

-How do you edit your videos/thumbnails?

I just use the standard iMovie for videos and I use PicMonkey for thumbnails

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