Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to Steal Taylor Swift's Style on a Budget

Hey everyone! Today's blog post is going to be all about Taylor Swift and her outfits. I don't think there is one outfit she has that I don't like. She's the one celebrity who I want to trade closets with! I came across a website one day that featured clothing worn by celebrities as well as characters in TV shows. However, that site didn't help much because the outfits were either a) sold out or b) around $1,000.
But thankfully you have me to help you here!

OUTFIT # 1 Floral Striped Crop Top + Matching Skirt From H&M
Exact Match!

SkirtClick here to see the skirt for only $15!!
Top: Click here to see the top for Only $12!!

OUTFIT #2 Brandy Melville Skirt
Click here to see the exact skirt - $26

OUTFIT #3 1989 outfit
Click here to see the white halter top- 19.95
Click here to see the white high-waisted shorts - 18.99
I couldn't find an exact match for her shoes, but she'd probably wear some flats from Modcloth

OUTFIT # 4 White Crop Top with long Black Skirt
Click here to see the crop top- 14.00 (very similar)
Click here to see the skirt- I don't know when you are reading this but it's currently on sale for literally $3.75!!!!

And last but not least, you can buy her cat ears here from her website!


Remember in the blank space music video that floral strapless dress she wore? There was a task on the show Project Runway to make a dress for Taylor to wear in her next video, and the designers had to make the dress from materials at a florist. Wow...

Do you love Taylor Swift too? I may or may not have just put some of these things into my shopping cart.

Question of the Day: Favorite Taylor Swift Song EVER?? 
Answer: Ugh it's so hard to choose! Right now I'm going to say it is Everything Has Changed.

<3 Kim

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  1. Hey Kimberly! I found your blog on michelle phan's website and i absolutely adore your post on dressing like taylor swift (she's the queen) i'm following you on bloglovin', maybe check out my blog sometime? i'm just another teen girl in the blogging world of writing and music :)