Friday, June 12, 2015

I Did Not Die But I Did Dye ( hair blue...)

Today was one of those annoying ones. I'm not going to go on a whole rant, I promise.
BUT...I did not die on my first driving lesson! It was so stressful and I thought for sure things would not end well. And also, I temporarily dyed the tips of my hair blue by myself and filmed it for youtube  anticipating that it would be a terrible fail and turn into the next viral video.
"Girl turns into an azure hyacinth macaw as she attempts to get Instagram-worthy hair"
However, it didn't turn out terribly. I'm not saying I'm a pro hairstylist, but I'm happy with it.
I got some dye on my hands and I tried to wash it off...but let's not focus on that:)
In a few days I will be uploading the video for how I did this. The videos are on my computer but I just have to edit it. I made the thumbnail first this time because I was excited to see how it would look like. I'll let you know when the video is up!
Do you ever have those days where you just feel like things are just not going right? It happens to me a lot. And while today was not terrible, I just had "one of those days." If this happens to you, you'd probably know what I'm talking about. I'll tell you a small thing that happened today. Since I'm going to a new school next year, I have to get my schedule made and that means I need to be placed in the right classes so I had to take a placement test for math. I was in a room all by myself for two hours taking a math test that was literally impossible. I was supposed to put a question mark whenever I did not know something, so I had to do that a few times. But to be honest, I pretty much guessed for so many of the problems because I felt bad putting a "?" for every other question. I have to keep myself from freaking out in those situations. I was so annoyed that schools teach different things and after taking that test I felt like there were things I should have learned. No kidding, I saw math symbols on that test that I've never seen before...not even anywhere on my calculator! 
Things are starting to get real. I walked down the hallway of my new school to take the test and I walked by so many people and I knew they were staring at me (heads up: this was before the blue hair lol). It's my instinct to look down, but when I looked up at some of the people they were just giving me these blank emotionless faces. I know I'm going to make friends there, it's just going to me kinda hard for me. Do you guys ever feel like this??

I said I wouldn't rant. Sorry.

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Love y'all!
xoxo Kim

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  1. You done that to your lovely blonde hair omg 😱