Saturday, February 21, 2015

Girl Online By Zoe Sugg: Review from a Girl that is Online

Have you heard of the Girl online? I'm not talking about an anonymous girl who is online, I'm talking about Zoella's amazing book called Girl Online! 
Zoe Sugg, or Zoella, is a famous youtuber who started out as a blogger in 2009, and then turned her hobby into a career and became very well known right before her eyes. People from all over the world watch her beauty hauls, blogs, funny challenges with other YouTubers, and lifestyle videos. Today, she has over 7.3 million subscribers on Youtube. Wow!

When I heard she wrote a book, I was so excited and my first thought was..."where do I get this! Well, I have the book and It's not what I expected it to be, but its a book that I really enjoyed. 

What I expected was an autobiography, a book written about herself. I wanted to read her whole story and see how she became so successful. You know when you fangirl over someone and you want to know literally everything about them? Yep, that's me with Zoey:) #GoZalfie (Zoe's boyfriend's name is Alfie, so people call them Zalfie)

Instead, a got a fiction book about a girl named Penny with a blog who lives in Brighton, England. She is a normal teenager except she suffers with anxiety. She has a friend who isn't very nice to her but she also has a really good friend who is her neighbor. She has a lot of embarrassing moments at school and she starts to dislike school more and more. During this time, she goes on her blog and rants to her followers about her problems. Turns out, a lot  of people can relate to her. Her blog starts to get more popular as she starts writing more personal posts, as if she is best friends with the reader. Her mom is a wedding planner and she got an offer to plan an extravagant wedding in New York City over Penny's winter break. Penny and her best friend, Elliot, come along and she is so happy that she can leave everything behind for a little while. Penny meets a boy named Noah,  and...they become really good real good friends;) The conflict is when Penny has to go back to England but doesn't want to leave Noah. If you want to know what happens next, you should read the book!

It was a great read. As I mentioned in my February Favorites video, I'm not a reader...but I still liked this book!

If you want to watch the video to see my other February Favorites, here it is!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Last Minute Outfits For Valentines Day! (And They're Not all the Expected Red Dresses)

So...Valentines Day. Not really a special holiday for me, but I do think it would be kinda cute if I actually had a Valentine.
The closest thing I could think of to be my Valentine this year would be my cat, Zoey. #foreveralone
Will you be my Valentine??
But if you are going out for Valentines day, as with any date, you never know what to wear. And on Valentine's day, everyone's go-to outfit is either a red dress or a casual sweater with a heart on it. I mean, that's cute and stuff, but its so expected and actually might be a little boring. 

So here I am, an anti-valentine, non professional fashion blogging teenager who's style is all over the place, here are some suggestions that hopefully won't bore anyone to death:

Casual Choice: Crisscross Back Rose Print Top from Forever 21
  • I love the look of those shirts that are sort of see through that you can wear a black tank top with. I have a black tank top with lace trim in the straps, top, and bottom, and I think that would look really pretty with this. The back of this top is open with criss cross straps, which isn't very expected. 
  • Like it is shown in this picture, this top would look super sweet with curls. I wouldn't wear those white shorts because its February, so I'd probably wear pretty much any type of long pants...maybe jeans or a longer version of those shorts?

Dressy Choice: Floral Lace Pencil Skirt from Forever 21

  • Ahh I love this! It's so feminine and I love how the lace makes that scalloped pattern at the bottom. and if you look close, the lace is floral- perfect for Valentines day! (lol hinting to someone that you want roses??)
  • This skirt also comes In burgundy and white, but I think black is my favorite. You should find a top that is a matching color to the skirt; if you wear a totally different color, there would just be too much horizontal going on. That's just my opinion though. A low heel and some silver jewelry would look really nice too. 

The lace collar is so cute! I have a dress like this, it's kinda
vintage looking.
Some other options are jumpsuits, lacey cardigans, and anything flowy. All these pictures are from Forever 21. 

<- I think it takes a brave
person to wear a jumpsuit.
But I think this would look
really beautiful. You could
also pair it with a jacket, of

Super casual, but still pretty! But wear this
with a long necklace or some
sort of jewlery to spice it up.
Leather!! I love leather so much. You'd feel like
a rockstar in this dress.
Two- Pieces! Taylor Swift would wear this. Enough said:)

Hope you liked these ideas! See you later!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to Steal Taylor Swift's Style on a Budget

Hey everyone! Today's blog post is going to be all about Taylor Swift and her outfits. I don't think there is one outfit she has that I don't like. She's the one celebrity who I want to trade closets with! I came across a website one day that featured clothing worn by celebrities as well as characters in TV shows. However, that site didn't help much because the outfits were either a) sold out or b) around $1,000.
But thankfully you have me to help you here!

OUTFIT # 1 Floral Striped Crop Top + Matching Skirt From H&M
Exact Match!

SkirtClick here to see the skirt for only $15!!
Top: Click here to see the top for Only $12!!

OUTFIT #2 Brandy Melville Skirt
Click here to see the exact skirt - $26

OUTFIT #3 1989 outfit
Click here to see the white halter top- 19.95
Click here to see the white high-waisted shorts - 18.99
I couldn't find an exact match for her shoes, but she'd probably wear some flats from Modcloth

OUTFIT # 4 White Crop Top with long Black Skirt
Click here to see the crop top- 14.00 (very similar)
Click here to see the skirt- I don't know when you are reading this but it's currently on sale for literally $3.75!!!!

And last but not least, you can buy her cat ears here from her website!


Remember in the blank space music video that floral strapless dress she wore? There was a task on the show Project Runway to make a dress for Taylor to wear in her next video, and the designers had to make the dress from materials at a florist. Wow...

Do you love Taylor Swift too? I may or may not have just put some of these things into my shopping cart.

Question of the Day: Favorite Taylor Swift Song EVER?? 
Answer: Ugh it's so hard to choose! Right now I'm going to say it is Everything Has Changed.

<3 Kim

Monday, February 2, 2015

Making Finger Sandwiches!

I've always wanted to make these mini finger sandwiches. Aren't they cute? I actually got the idea from  that video that Bethany Mota did last year in her Mother's day video, but I changed it up a little bit.
I'm writing this while on my couch watching the Super Bowl (not very excited lol) and I just split this plate of sandwiches with my Dad. My Dad and I give theses an A!
I made them 2 different ways: one with meat and one without meat.

Here's the recipe! I'm telling you these are so good you have to try them!

-Hummus (I used regular)
-Cucumbers (VERY thinly sliced)
-Any type of meat (I didn't have the meat ones, but my dad liked them)

-Take a cookie cutter and make holes in slices of bread. I made 8 because I was making 4 of these mini sandwiches. (Small party!)
-Toast over a pan with a small bit of butter and flip the bread every few minutes or so. I think bread is so much better toasted, and it goes really well with the cool cucumber.
-Spread a thin layer of hummus over the slices of toasted bread. The hummus I used id from Trader Joe's.
-Now you can be creative and put whatever else you want in the middle. I did lots of very thin slices of cucumber, but you could but some meat in, or even a round slice of cheese! Then they'd be like mini grilled cheeses! But lately cheese as been giving me a stomach ache:( So I thought, better not.
-Add some pepper if you want! Then serve!

-I thought of another idea! Follow this recipe and you could put that in the sandwiches instead!

This would be a really good appetizer or even just a treat for yourself depending on how many you make!

Question: What's your favorite food? Answer in the comments!
Answer: Sushi!!