Wednesday, October 28, 2015

3 Ingredient Healthy Pancakes

Hey everyone!
Today's blog post is a little different from what I normally do, but I've recently been trying out some new healthy recipes and foods and I thought I'd let you guys in on this!
If you like these posts, I'll add some more good recipes I've been making!

Breakfast: 3 Ingredient Pancakes

(found from

At first I was skeptical about this because 1) I'm not a huge fan of pancakes in general and 2) the thought of mixing these ingredients together doesn't sound appetizing to be honest, and 3) I often try recipes like this and they don't work. However, I liked these pancakes, they tasted really flavorful and awesome when cooked, and they actually ended up looking like the picture from the recipe! These pancakes are much healthier than regular pancakes because it is gluten-free, flourless, and low in sugar. The original recipe makes more than just for one person, so when I was making this for myself I changed the recipe a bit.

-1 egg
-1 ripe banana
-1/2 spoonful baking powder 

(Optional: pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, whatevs...)

What to do
Take the egg, crack it into a small bowl and stir it just until you think it's mixed. Then, take the ripe banana and mash it in a separate bowl. Combine both the egg and banana and add baking powder or any flavoring you want to add in. Now you have your pancake batter! Lightly grease a pan and take small spoonfuls and drop them onto the pan just like you would for regular pancakes. After about a minute or when the bottom looks cooked, quickly flip them over and they will look slightly toasted.
I ate mine plain because I liked the flavor as it is, but the recipe recommended topping the pancakes with syrup, nut butter, or honey if you want to add more sweetness!

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