Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'm Back and ALIVE. (and I have things for you)

There are some exciting things for you in this post!


School is over, so now I can write more blog posts! (I'll probably be in a better frame of mind as well lol)
I'm not just back, I'm going to be posting one here really often! For this week, I'm going to post everyday!

One of the types of posts I was thinking of doing are advice posts. I am a 16 year old girl so I could really relate to you if you're a teen as well. I'll make the questions anonymous, so don't worry about your name being on this. If you want my opinion on something, email me your question/brief summary of what you need help with using my blog email: I'm not sure how many of these requests I will get, so don't worry if your question isn't picked right away! Also, any type of question is allowed!

Along with my usual blog posts, I'm going to be running some contests as well. The contest winner will be announced at the end of every week. So for this week, the winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 17.

For each day this week, there will be a different "challenge" that you'll have to do. You can participate in as many days as you want, but by just doing one day will give you an entry. Doing more than one day does not give you extra entries (but it could help you!) . The winner will be picked randomly after I make sure that they've done at least one of these things.

So now that you know how to enter, here's what you can get!

-The winner will be announced here on my blog

Then, You can choose 1 out of these 3 prizes:

-A shoutout on Twitter, Instagram or Youtube (you pick where you want the shoutout)

-If you have a youtube channel, you will get a DM session on Instagram or Twitter where I answer all your questions about YouTube and I'll give you some helpful tips

-An automatic entry in my phone case giveaway + I will follow you on Twitter & Instagram and then favorite/like your posts

I thought this would be a fun way to kickoff summer and the new goals I have for my blog. I'll see you tomorrow with another post! (And don't forget to do tomorrow's task!)

If you have any questions about the contest, leave a comment! If you have an advice question that you want me to write a post about, email me!

Here's my last video!

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