Sunday, March 8, 2015

Do You Want To Start Your Own Youtube Channel?

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have not been posting lately and only posting videos, but I finally have a chance to sit down and write a new post. My spring break just started!
On Youtube,  there are so many videos titled "How To Start A Youtube Channel" or "How To Get More Subscribers" and stuff like that. These videos have helped me out a lot with my channel because we're all pretty clueless when it come to Youtube. It's not like there's a class called "Youtubing" in college. (there should be though) so instead, we learn from each other and our experiences.
But the thing that I notice when I watch one of those videos is that the people who make them usually have a lot of subscribers...probably because they followed those tips! But it wouldn't make sense for me to make one of those videos because I'm pretty new at youtube so I do not seem like someone who would know all these things!
However, I do know how to start your youtube channel and how to take the first step. This isn't about getting tons of subscribers or views, its just about setting up your channel the right way. And trust me, that's pretty important!
If you want to start a Youtube channel, here is EVERYTHING you'll need to get started! 

1. Eye-Catching Channel Art
To catch the viewer's eye, you'll need some bright channel art. you can download the template I used here:
Here are some tips for making channel art:
1. Use some of your own pictures to copy and paste onto the template. If you want to take away the backgrounds like I have, if you have a Mac, take a screenshot of the picture ( hold down command, shift, and 4), click the toolbox symbol, and then click on the first symbol from the left and the option "lasso selection" will open. Click on that and you can remove the background!
2. What kind of channel do you have? Make sure that represents your channel. It's kind of like the movie poster for your channel!
3. Be creative and put in as many pictures as you can. Fill up the whole page but make sure your favorite pictures are in the front. 
4. Remember that your profile picture will cover a part of the upper left corner. Just keep that in mind!
5. To add font, I use PicMonkey and play around with the colors. In my channel art, I put some black rectangles in the back and but the font over it in a neon color so it stands out. 
If you have any more questions about channel art, you can email me. I'll have that at the bottom of this article.

2. Planning For Your First Video!
   Film With: Whatever you have. With your future videos, you can only improve! I do not recommend that you buy a super expensive camera as soon as you start out because you might realize that you don't like having a channel. Soon I want to get a better camera because I know I'll be doing this for a long time and get a lot of use out of it. Tip: If you have an iPhone, especially the 5c which is what I have, the camera can be really clear.
  Lighting: Since you might not be able to start out with top-notch quality, at least try to make it look that way. I always make videos in the morning, with the best times being around noon or before that. Even if I make a video at 2:00, it won't look as good if I film it at 10.
  Audio: It's pretty easy to have good audio. I use a mini mic that works so well. People noticed then I started using a mic and it makes your voice sound a lot better! Here is the mic I use. If you can't get a mic right now, its okay. Just speak loud enough!
  Let Your Parents know: If you're a teenager, its just easier that you tell your parents that you're going to start a channel. If you keep it a secret, you'll be worrying that they'll find out or they'll hear you filming. 

3. Ideas For Your First Video!
Here are some ideas for your first video!
-Welcome to my channel! (This was my first video. Just talk about yourself and what you want to do on your channel)
-New Youtuber Tag (If you search it in on youtube, there are a set of questions about your new channel for you to answer)
-Anything you want! Remember this is your channel, so you do whatever you want!

4. Post Your Video and Wait!
Posting your video is pretty easy. At the top right corner of youtube, click on the upload button. Then you can either drag the video file onto the page or search for it from your computer. Then as it starts to upload, there are boxes where you type in your title, description, and hashtags. Hashtags are important because it will get more people to watch your video. Put a lot of tags, but make sure they're relevant to the topic. You also have the option to upload a custom thumbnail. I make my thumbnails the same way that I make my channel art. I also use Once the video loads and processes, there you go! You uploaded your first video! YAY!

5. Some Final Tips
-I seriously don't even care about thumbs downs. There pretty rare don't mind them.
-WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT DELETE THAT VIDEO!! I almost deleted my whole channel the night I posted my first video. You might feel scared that something bad will happen, but it will pass. You might have this feeling like "omg what did I just do" but its okay. just don't delete!!
-Don't expect like 1,000 subscribers a week. Really. You might get like 2 views and one subscriber. But don't let that stop you. You know Bethany Mota? In an interview she said that her first video got only 5 views in 5 days. But she kept going for almost 6 years to get where she is now!

This is the beginning of your youtube journey. Have fun and just remember to be yourself!
Email me if you have any questions

My youtube channel is kimsstyle99 . Let me know if I helped you!

Also, here's my latest video! (The thumbnail right not show up because it's new)


  1. love your channel! lol ii wish there was a course called youtubing, that'd be awesome! although we do have something similar, media arts, i can't stand to be staring at a screen for 1hr 20mins.