Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Finale Review + Who A Really Is

Hey everyone!
If you are reading this, you're probably aware that last night was the season 5 finale of PLL, which was very anticipated because we know in this episode we would figure out who A is. We did...but we didn't...
Here's a recap of what happened:
The girls are going to jail (when they didn't do anything!) when A comes in and kidnaps them to some random place where they can't get out. The girls wake up in this house and they're like..."Uh what is this??" So they find the only open door and see a girl who looks like Alison sitting at a table. However, she is wearing a mask so you can only tell it is Alison by the blonde hair and the famous yellow tank top. But she takes off her mask, and the weirdest thing ever happens.  IT'S MONA. Isn't she dead? I thought this was so unrealistic and just a repeat of Alison's story and I was shocked but still kinda like, "u did this already stop." How is there any way she faked being dead?
Now, you'd think that Mona is still A because she's been hiding behind the secret of being dead since the summer. However, there Mona is even being controlled by A, as we see in this house where there are cameras where A can see everything that the girls are saying and doing.
Mona decides to have a prom with the girls, a specific prom that happened a few year ago in Rosewood. This is where I was like, "okokokokok WHAT" because...what is Mona thinking? If your still confused, you have to watch the episode to really figure this out. In the end, the real A shows up to the prom in a mask, of course. The girls turn off the electricity and run out of the place but they don't escape and end up in a yard with an electric fence. Great.
But who is A? Let's rewind: Before this whole prom thing, Spencer is having a dream that she is looking at the blocks with the letters in the room. The letters do not make sense, so in her head she tries to unscramble the letters. After a few tries, she makes a name out of the letter: Charles.
....So Charles is A.
When this happened I was so mad like how could A be someone we don't even know??? Did the directors just make up a random character last minute to be A? That's what I thought last night, but on there was an A theory posted that proved there were clues that Charles was A. Click here to see the article. Charles is actually Alison's brother that no one knew anything about. So, we know that Charles is A, but we don't know who Charles is. I thought almost for sure it was Andrew. (Right? He's so creepy!)

What are your thoughts? I can't wait for the next season to start! What are they even going to do?


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