Thursday, September 24, 2015

Favorite App of the Month: The Hunt!

Hey everyone!

I've been pretty busy lately and It's been a while since I last posted! I'm doing a few changes on the layout of my blog, and then I'm going to have a schedule of when I post, just like I do on Youtube! If you only follow my blog and not my youtube channel, I'm just letting you know: I'M NOT DEAD. Things like school has happened (my new school is great!) and I just need to set a time for myself to make more blog posts. Comment any requests you'd like for blog posts or videos! Lastly, I thought I should let you know that theres an email box at the sidebar & if you put in your email you'll get notified whenever I post:)


Right now I'm a junior in high school. When I downloaded the Hunt App, it was the summer before freshman year. With that being said, this app already wins the "app-that-has-stayed-on-my-phone-longer-than-anything" prize. Keep in mind that I loved this app long before I started my youtube channel. I would follow a ton of Hunts, add finds whenever I thought I knew where to find them, and start a few hunts as well!

Just in case you don't have this app, here's where you can download it!

Hopefully you are either downloading it now or even scrolling through the Pinterest-like layout filled with all different styles of outfits and more. By "more" I do mean more. You can posts Style Me hunts and people pick out clothes for you that they think you'll like according to what you say in the description. And it's not all clothes. One time I started a hunt and asking for tv show suggestions when I stared my Netflix I even saw a Hunt where someone was looking for freaking Reeses peanut butter cup filled Oreos. That was a Hunt I followed.

The app recently added a new poll feature to the app, which in my opinion is an awesome way to pick what color you should buy something in, what Halloween costume you should wear, and more. Literally anything. Even if you don't have followers on the Hunt, your poll will still get a ton of votes because people just scroll through the latest polls and vote so its easy to get your poll seen. I think it'd be safe to say that you'll get at least 20-30 votes when you add hashtags to it, but you may be surprised and get a lot of votes! I have a poll with over 250 votes and I was so surprised that so many people saw it! It's a great way to get an opinion and I never see hate on any polls/hunts.

I'm not going to tell you everything because theres a lot to discover on the hunt. Download it here and if you want a follower, I got your back:) just follow me @kimsstyle99 on the hunt, comment below your username and I'll follow you back!

Thanks everyone! Have an amazing day<3
-Kim xoxo

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