Monday, May 4, 2015

Easy Spring Organization DIYS!

Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, sometimes things like school gets in the way. If you're in school, you know what I mean:) However, I have about one month of school left and I am seriously so excited! I'm going to a different school next year so there are a lot of new things coming up for me. Of course I am excited but I'm also a little nervous!
I posted a video yesterday on my channel about some Spring DIYs! Some of them are just decorations to make your room look nice, but some of them are more for organizing you room.

Would you make any of these? If you do, post it on Twitter or Instagram and tag me in the photo!

Here's a cute fake flower vase that is really easy to make and inexpensive. This would also be a really great mother's day gift!

I put those flowers next to some other jars that I filled with Sharpies. The jar with the mini chalkboard is from Walmart...what's your favorite part here?

...another picture of the flowers

I organized some shelves that needed organizing...

...and I thought of this idea to hang hair ties so you don't lose them!

Take some papers off your desk by making this organizer on your wall!

Hang your sunglasses on a string like this one! I got the idea when I was at Anthropologie and all the sunglasses were hung like this. 
You proabably wouldn't think the word "toilet paper" when you see this'll have to watch the video to see why!

Here's the video! 

Have an awesome day. 

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