Wednesday, April 15, 2015

8 Reasons to Stop Using Heat on Your Hair for a Week

Hey everyone!
Recently, my hair has been just bad. There were a few problems actually. My hair wasn't just tangled, there was a HUGE knot in the back of my hair. I could cover it because it was underneath my hair, but  if i touched it I would feel like an old birds nest was weaved into my hair. Seriously bad. And it made no sense because I take care of my hair!
However, I've been growing my hair since 8th grade, so I never like getting it cut. Why would you cut your hair if you want to grow it?? Hair grows from the scalp duh...
You're probably like, "girl why are you writing this post if your hair looks like a knit scarf..?" Well I got it fixed! (without getting it chopped) It's all better now and the thing that really helped make my hair healthier was using no heat for a whole week.
So  I'll get to the point. Here are reasons not to use heat on your hair!

1. Your natural hair is what always looks best on you. A lot of people liked seeing my curly hair!

2. Too much heat can dry out your hair and when I picture what that looks like it's probably not a good look.

3. Have you ever been straightening your hair and literally see heat coming out of your hair?

4. Imagine if you touched your hair straighter while it was hot and what that would do to your skin...if it hurts your skin, it must really hurt your hair!

5. Heat damaged hair gives you split ends, flat, tangled unhealthy looking hair. I was there.

6. Going with your natural hair is just easier!

7. From a lot of websites I've heard that it damages the cuticle of your hair. First of all, I thought only your nails had cuticles. Second of all, damaged cuticles causes your hair to be unhealthy

8. Your will not be smooth if you keep using heat

What I did instead of using heat:

1. Use a deep condition to repair your hair

2. Do some heatless overnight curls so it looks like you curled your hair

3. If you need to blowdry your hair, try using the cold setting

4. Sometimes I just brush out my hair so it gets more volume

5. I also got 1 inch cut off just to get rid of the split ends

...If you really need to use heat, use a heat protectant!

I'll be posting another video soon! In the meantime, watch my last video!

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