Tuesday, April 21, 2015

An App Where You Can Find Anything You've Ever Wanted

Hey Everyone!
Yikes...I just finished my homework and I had so much tonight. It was like it would never end. I just kept scrolling through my google doc making edits until I was just like...
Source: weheartit.com
So I was like, "Okay, what do I do when I'm not being bombarded with papers and tests to study for??"
                           *Goes on phone of course*
                                   *Checks Instagram*
                                         *Checks Twitter*
                                              *Turns phone off*
                                                    *Turns phone back on*
                                                         *Checks email*
                                                              *Checks The Hunt...*

You know what the Hunt App is....Right??

If you do: Awesome! What is your username? Mine is Kimsstyle99 if you'd like to follow me! I like to solve hunts:)

If you don't: Girl. I'm going to give you a little recommendation and kindly ask you to READ THIS POST because by the end of it I'm hoping that you're in the app store downloading The Hunt App.
Warning: don't download a deer hunting game by accident. It's called the Hunt because you hunt down clothes for people you know? Here is the app logo to show you:
Source: https://lh5.ggpht.com/gOztZVKtu9aUPc_fSmP927mdAIySKq6bE5dlkk8kssbT4u1E7OgQxdU00rDgxKV7qO0=w300

First I'll tell you a little about this app. The Hunt is a free app where you can "cure outfit envy" (that is their logo/motto/Idk what it's called) So for example, if you see a really cool outfit on sites like weheartit, tumblr, pinterest, insta, or even in public, just take a picture or screenshot of the outfit and post it it the hunt! Add some hashtags relating to your post and chances are someone will come across your picture and know where to buy it! They'll add a find and you can give it a "perfect" if the find is what yore looking for. Oh, and also, if you see a hunt that has been started that you want to see solved as well, hold down on the picture to follow it! If you see an outfit that someone is hunting for and you know where it's from, its really easy to post a find! When you add a find, the people can give your find a gem or an upvote. I've had this app for almost a year! Once I added a find of some shorts from Gypsy Warrior and it got 80 gems! That is 80 people who you've potentially found a pair of shorts for! Isn't this app such a great idea? 

Here's a preview of what the app is sort of like!
Source: http://www.undeniablestyle.com/the-hunt-fashion-app/
About 2 weeks ago, I was contacted by the Hunt asking me to fill out an application to become a Hunt insider. I filled out the application and was accepted! Next thing I knew, I couldn't believe that my favorite app's official Instagram and twitter followed me!I'm very happy to have this opportunity and be a part of an app that has been so successful.

Have you downloaded it yet? Leave a comment telling me your favorite app!

BTW, here's my latest video! It's a coral spring makeup tutorial. Hope you give it a watch!

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