Wednesday, July 15, 2015

All Dressed Up.

Hope you all have been having a great summer!
I've been trying to be more active on my youtube channel and I have a goal planned to post every three days! If you have a blog you might know this, but on blogger there is a feature where you can check your bog stats to see how many page views you get, what countries your viewers are from, etc,. So I hadn't checked that in a while, so I just checked it before I started this post and I was really surprised! In the last week and a half my blog has gotten another 1,000 page views! Can someone please tell me how this happened?!
I really want to thank you all for all the uplifting support that originated at your fingertips on your keyboard and traveled all the way to my screen for my eyes to see. I know that the Internet comes with a lot of problems that we hear all the time, but we rarley hear about the good things that the Internet does. And this isn't just me, you all have the power to inspire people and lift their spirits; even just by commenting something sweet on a selfie. Yes, it's that simple.

In other words, thank you.

Okey. Here are some clothes.

OUTFIT 1: I love two pieces. 
The top is a high-neck crop top

& the bottom is a high waisted skater skirt
OUTFIT 2: Look a those velvet platform shoes! 
Close-up of the skirt...or is it a skirt??
They're actually shorts!
OUTFIT #3: I'd only be showing you my bra if it was cool. So....there.
This is a light blue tank-top-like dress and I paired it with this light pink crystal necklace.

Here's the video!

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